Best forex trading economic news websites

Forex trading is defined by speculation on varying currency price fluctuations, which are fundamentally affected by the impacts of global news announcements and economic events.

As such, it is of primary importance for traders to conduct news analysis before speculating on a trade, and to do so, they will need a reliable news source dedicated to the events that matter most on the Forex markets.

In this article we have rounded by the best Forex trading news and economic websites that give traders unparalleled insight into the most important economic and political events.

1. Bloomberg

When it comes to financial news, there’s no better source than Bloomberg. It is a 24-hour source of news, analysis, and financial statistics. It serves as a trove of news and entertainment for those looking for something to do in their spare time.

Added to this, banks and other financial organizations can use a trading terminal provided by the website’s creators.

It’s a one-stop analytical and news outlet. The webpage is further separated into tabs for easy navigation and reference (Commodities, Stocks, Rates & Bonds, Currencies, Futures, Economics, Fixed Income, ETFs, and Sectors).

It is an easy-to-use service that allows all users, no matter where they are in the world, to have a voice. The United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Japan are all included in this region. In order to be a good forex trader, this is a must-have item in your toolbox!

2. Financemagnates

Financemagnates is a forex website that has been specifically built for individuals who speak English and Russian. Users have the option of switching from English and Russian or vice versa.

News, information, events, thought leadership, and other important elements are abundant on the website, making it a valuable resource for any forex trader. Visitors and registered users are both welcome on the website.

3. Fxstreet

To learn more about the forex market, you may check out Fxstreet’s extensive list of forex brokers and their latest news and analysis in real time. They also provide currency exchange rates and a comprehensive economic calendar.

In terms of forex websites, it is regarded as one of the greatest currently available. Cryptos have their own dedicated section as well, and there are also some nice touches to the website’s design.

4. Forexfactory

When it comes to online forex trading, Forexfactory is one of the best. Everyone who has an internet connection on a computer or mobile device can access it. It’s easy to use and has a nice layout.

Visitors and registered users alike can view the site. There is a wealth of beneficial information and materials for forex traders in the forum section, including professional advisors, methods, and downloadable publications.

This site’s users will appreciate the trade stream and live accounts feature, which displays real-time trading.

In addition, the website’s currency calendar can be adjusted to meet a certain purpose, such as the past seven days or the coming week. An extensive directory of forex brokers may be found on the website as well.

5. Forexpeacearmy

Forexpeacearmy is where all the action takes place. The information on this site that is based on personal experience is usually verifiable.

According to the company’s name, Forexpeacearmy, they help resolve disputes that may arise between customers and the service providers who provide them with various forex goods. True to their name, they are indeed excellent.

Because of their counsel and investigations of some forex service providers, they’ve helped save many thousands of dollars for their clients in their forex traders’ court over the years.

They offer the best reviews, strategies, information, and tools around. Scam alerts, a traders’ court, forums, and a beginners’ boot camp are all part of their dedicated community.

It is well acknowledged that they conduct themselves with objectivity and professionalism at all times. They employ no equivocation in exposing the corruption in the Forex market, as they rely on advertising on their website, which attracts more than five million visitors each year.

6. Tradingview

Tradingview is a forex website that offers free membership to anyone who wishes to make use of their services. Use of the website does require a free registration in order to gain access to the entire contents of their available content.

The website boasts an extremely feature-rich user interface. Without having to download any software, such as MT4 or MT5, one might start trading charts immediately on demand.

As a result, it makes it easier to see charts on mobile phones and tablets by providing them with their URL. Real-time updates are made to the charts. It also includes an economic calendar that is always up to date.

7. Forexcrunch

Because of its focus on simplicity, the Forexcrunch website is designed to look like a blog page. Despite its straightforward appearance, it possesses all of the necessary information for a successful forex trader.

The navigation through the website contents does not appropriate. It delivers a full weekly forecast of events as well as a daily outlook of the same. It, like other websites on this list, features a very comprehensive live forex calendar.

8. Netdania

Tradable rates from 10 prominent worldwide liquidity providers are displayed in real time on the Netdania platform in the form of the best Bid and Ask prices. The webpage is extremely user-friendly.

As a bonus, they offer free NetDania’s “Live Trading Webinars.” They feature an extensive news area, just as any other top forex website.

9. Investopedia

Investopedia is an online source for financial and investment information. Simply because of the extensive information provided under the ‘academy’ page, this website may legitimately be dubbed the “University of Forex”.

It has everything a trader needs to succeed in the forex market. Focus topics include wealth management, financial advisors and personal finance, as well as trading and other financial topics.

Investing for Beginners, Finding Great Value Stocks, Cryptocurrency for Beginners, and Financial Modelling are all included in the Academy tab.

10. DailyForex

For anyone interested in forex trading, DailyForex is a must-have website to include on your favourites bar. The website has numerous ‘review’ sections dedicated to a wide range of topics.

It also provides a signal service for trading. To be sure, there are a ton of useful tools and information on the site, including a daily forex mobile app and widgets.

There is a free demo account available on the daily forex website for people who are eager to try the Forex market with real money. As a result, it has earned a spot on this list of the best forex websites.

11. Forexlive

Every forex trader’s arsenal should include Forexlive as a top-notch resource for learning about the currency market.

The website has a variety of sections, including crypto currency, technical analysis, an economic calendar, a directory of forex brokers, a thorough educational section, real-time market quotes and charts, forex orders, and other useful forex tools.


Additionally, social trading (which allows novices to mimic the actions of an experienced trader) is an important element of the site, and this tool can be accessed with little or no prior understanding of trading.

For long-term and sustainable earnings, however, it is still recommended that aspiring traders learn the ins and outs of trading rather than relying on the advice of others.

12. Babypips

When considering the finest forex websites, Babypips is a must-visit option. The design and simplicity of the website are excellent, and works well along the website’s focus as a program for developing new traders from the ground up.

Due to its capacity to communicate in basic and plain language, it has established a niche in the forex education market.


The stock market, cryptocurrency, commodities, and, of course, the FX market are all covered in detail on this website.

They divide their writings into two categories: political and economic. Along with that, traders will like their live charting features that highlight key events and candlestick patterns that can be used to time their entry into or exit from a trade.

Additionally, provides a wide range of technical tools and information for traders who want to make their judgments based on the analysis of the market.

In addition to pivot points and moving averages, they also have most of the key technical indicators available to help traders with their trading.

Finally, by publishing personal finance articles under “Money,” hopes to educate traders and investors around the world about the importance of money management.

14. ForexNews

If you’re looking to diversify your trading portfolio, this site is for you. Articles about the daily markets and other trade items are among the many things it publishes.

You can also acquire information about brokers based on your level of experience, such as whether you are a rookie or have been working in the industry for some time.

Under their finance area, ForexNews focuses on business news, which is ideal for stock market participants. When it comes to forex news, this site is one of the best because of the quality of its content.