Introducing Broker

An Introducing Broker (IB) is essentially an agent which introduces new customers to IFX Brokers™. In return, the Introducing Broker receives a fee, (rebates), which is a certain share of the Spread or Commission charged by the brokerage.

The IFX IB Program offers you lucrative rebates when you introduce potential clients. Anyone can try their hand at being an Introducing Broker, as you don’t need specialized knowledge or experience of forex or CFDs. All you need is a desire to create your own business – and attract new clients to our business.

The occupation of an Introducing Broker best suits those already in the world of finance, such as financial advisors, successful traders, insurance agents, salespeople, bloggers marketers, affiliate networkers, social media commentators - and being well connected doesn’t hurt either.

An excellent IFX backed opportunity
What we need from you
Experienced and skilled

Not only will an IB need to make sure that they know the benefits of the forex brokerage that they are supporting, but they will also be able to sell our services to their clients and use IFX opportunities to upscale their skills and knowledge.

Goal-oriented and driven

An IB works as a free agent and an independent; they need to have the drive that is needed to succeed. They must be a self-sufficient individual, able to chase down new clients and following up to make sure that they are satisfied with the service that they have been given.

Charismatic and outgoing

At its core, being an introducer broker is really a sales position, even if trading is also included. An individual who is hoping to make commissions as an IB will need to be able to sell products, and it’s not enough just to know everything that there is to know about the project — you also need to believe in it, too.

Niche and specialized

Finally, though it isn’t a requirement, the best introducing brokers will have specialized experience within the broker firm that they are working with. The more you know about your partner, the more successful you will be. It’s worth it to take the time to learn about the special benefits IFX Brokers™ provides, or to comb through our marketing materials to find some new and unique selling points.

Educated and intuitive

Those who decide to become an introducing broker will need to have a winning strategy; this strategy can only be developed through experience and knowledge. Those who manage funds that are not their own will also need to look into the legal ramifications and requirements involved. Regardless, IBs need to be able to develop a reputation if they are to be listened to by any potential clients.

The IFX Difference
Your clients benefit too
Tight spreads. No commissions

We give our clients convenient trading conditions through competitive and nominal spreads for each trading instrument.

Exceptional Liquidity

Your clients benefit from exceptional liquidity, price transparency and supersonic execution across our full range of global markets.

Trading Leverage

When trading large positions, use leverage to ensure a nominal capital outlay. You are able to select leverage to a maximum of 1:300 on standard accounts and 1:200 on ECN accounts.

Knowledge Is Power

As a value-added service IFX Brokers™ offer complimentary education powered by IFX Academy to Live funded account holders.


Get access to Autochartist, the premier tool for making more informed trading decisions, and receive alerts to key support and resistance levels in all asset classes.

Fast,Faster, IFX

Experience the difference on our supersonic trading platforms powered by Equinix.

Licensed and Regulated

IFX Brokers™ is a trading name of IFX Brokers™ Holdings (Pty) Ltd (Registration No. 2017/027249/07). Our distribution and market conduct is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (Authorized Financial Services Provider number 48021). The issuance of CFD’s is regulated by The Financial Markets Act, 2012.

Over 200 Currency Pairs

You’re able to trade more than 200 pairs. Majors, minors and exotics – whatever the choice, you have access to free real-time quotes and charts.

Introducing Broker
No upfront investment

The IFX Partnership Program quite simply allows you to generate income without any capital outlay. Not too many businesses offer this kind of opportunity!

24/7 Access to myiFXPartners

You’re able to check your personal data, client trading outcomes, commission and profit anytime that suits you.

Competitive Commission

Commissions are paid up to USD13 per round standard lot. Obviously, the more your business grows, the higher your commission

Enhanced Stats and Reports

myiFXPartners even helps you to track and asses how effective your marketing strategies are.

Transparent and Flexible Payment

Rebates are credited to your account instantly and withdrawable daily, weekly, monthly - in fact any time you need it!

Promotional Tools

IFX Brokers™ supplies you with everything you need: banners, brochures, templates, facebook cover pages - pretty much everything you could possible need to promote your business is available through your marketing portal.

Rebates paid on YOUR demand
You decide!
Release your funds with the click of a button!
Increased Reward Levels

After registering with the IFX Partnership program, a partner receives the commission which is equal to the Standard Rebates paid to new Partners.

Later the commission can be increased, after the Company consider the results and fixed variables of the partner’s executed traders. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Get paid on time

The timely payment of your earnings is one of the most important aspects of the IFX Brokers™ Partnership Program. Reliable Partner payments are made instantly, and rolled up daily for crediting to your IFX Wallet.

Lucrative Earnings

IFX Brokers™’ partners can enjoy a lucrative commission structure. As long as your clients continue to trade, you will earn commission based on their activity. IFX Brokers™ does not impose a ceiling on rebate revenue, which means the amount you earn depends entirely on the trading activity of your clients.

Rebate Schemes (Your Campaign)

Rebate scheme (Your Campaign) refer to the methodology applied in terms of how your rebates will be paid. Please discuss your unique business requirements with your Account Manager to provide you with a tailor-made solution.

(Traditional Affiliates)

We also offer you a multi-level sub- Introducing Broker partnership, where you benefit from trades conducted by your IB’s’ clients.

Rebate Payment Rates

Based on 100k USD Position

0-600 USD 7 USD 3.5
600-1200 USD 10 USD 4
1200 and more USD 13 USD 5
Rebate Campaign Example
You refer clients to IFX Brokers™ and receive rebates on
their trading activities
Each client traded 25 standard round lots in the EURUSD
currency pair. Your earned commission within the billing
month would be
25 lots x $7 x 5 traders/clients



Total you receive in your IFX wallet

**Above is an illustration on the expected earnings on standart IFX Accounts
Rebate Campaign Example
You refer client’s to IFX Brokers™ and receive rebates on their trading activities PLUS you expand your network by appointing SUB-IB’s. You then receive rebates from 2 streams - your own clients, as well as shared rebates on the clients of your sub-IB’s
Each client traded 25 standard round lots in the EURUSD currency pair. Your earned commission within the billing month would be
(25 lots x $7 x 5 traders/clients)



Total you receive in your IFX wallet
(25 lots x $3.50 x 9 traders/clients)



Total you receive in your IFX wallet
Excellence backed by IFX
Partners can instantly see the result of their work - keep track of your earnings and much much more.
Partners get the full set of tools to refer clients to us, from conventional Referral URL’s, to the more advanced referrals via social media and other types of messaging. Increase your earnings by using our multi-tier functionality to expand your business.
IFX Promo Material
We’ve always got your back
To help you expand your network, IFX Brokers™ provides you with a great variety of promo materials to help you populate it, and an affiliate link that comes with full partner statistics, allowing you to discover the most advantageous strategy for doing business on your own.

IFX offers a comprehensive range of easily downloadable marketing material because we’ve thought of everything you could possibly need – and more.

and Rewards
Earn it. Own it.
IFX rewards the best of the best and even
includes a lucky draw for those who believe
they’re lucky. Check out our Facebook page for
regular updates of who’s on top.
The Best New Partner prize is awarded quarterly.
Bring in 10 new accounts with deposits of $20,000
each, or more, and you’re in the game.
For each of your clients who have entered a minimum of 15 trades, you’re eligible for 1 place in our quarterly Lucky Draw.
Partner of the Year Award
The Best Performing Partner is awarded in October yearly and the winner is determined by the number of clients referred, total deposits and the volumes traded by your clients.

The October 2019 winner will receive 2 fully paid tickets for a 10 day Mediteranian boat cruise on the luxurios Seven Seas cruiser. Prize includes all travel and transfers from/to Johannesburg.

*Terms and Conditions apply
Why should I attend?

The IFX business strategy is designed to encourage and promote excellence. In doing so we make use of these workshops to not only recognize our Partners in their successes, but also to hone your knowledge and update your skills.

Whether it is a 45 minute session on Personal Motivation or a winning Forex Strategy, you will be leaving the workshop with the tools to take your business to the next level.

It’s not all work and no play
Respected and Rewarded
IFX Brokers™ likes to celebrate our success. To thank our Partners for their hard work and dedication, we host regular Partner workshops. A great opportunity to catch up with like-minded people in an informal atmosphere.
Partner workshops are scheduled to take place every 3 months in the main areas throughout South Africa. You will receive a personalized invitation prior to the event to secure your seat.
How much do I need to pay to attend the workshop?
Workshops are free to all active partners, and our way to thank you for your dedication and commitment.
Can I bring a guest to join me?
Yes, as an active partner you are permitted to bring a maximum of 2 guests, provided that they are registered and confirmed prior to the event.
Smart work gets the goodies
We are proud to have you join the IFX Brokers™ family! We know that our people are the best, our blue-chip asset. As a token of our appreciation, we present you with a range of carefully selected, premium quality IFX-branded gifts. Not for sale, these gifts acknowledge your importance to the IFX success story.
Getting Started
Sign up now
It is simple and easy to get started. You don’t need an upfront investment or complex integration.

Hundreds of partners have already joined IFX this way.

What are you waiting for – go on, do it!
You become a partner by signing up at Open Live account
We give you promo material & a unique link
You use those materials to attract new clients and send them to our website
The bigger the trading volume, the more money you make
Every person you referred who registers a real account (i.e. makes a deposit) earns you commissions.
If your referrals become partners too, their referrals also earn you commission
Want To Talk To A Real Person?
Yes, actually we are real flesh-and-blood people! Call or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as is humanly possible.
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