How much does IFX Brokers™ charge for training?

As a value-added services IFX Brokers™ offer complimentary access to the Forex Training for Professionals Course to all LIVE funded accounts held with IFX Brokers™.

What will I learn?

Courses and modules have been designed by International Forex traders with decades of experience. The course consist s of 3 Levels with a total of 15 modules.

Module 1 – Introduction to the Forex Market
Module 2 – The Mental Element
Module 3 – Roadmap to Success
Module 4 – Trading Ways and Means
Module 5 – Key Players in the Financial Game

Module 6 – How to avoid costly trading mistakes
Module 7 – Head & Shoulders
Module 8 – The Ultimate Traders Toolbox
Module 9 – Mechanics of convergences and divergences
Module 10 – Trends and Trendlines

Module 11 – The Fibonacci Science
Module 12 – Consolidation and Fundamental analysis
Module 13 – Japanese Candlesticks
Module 14 – Pattern Formations
Module 15 – Trending or Trading

How do I receive my training material?

Since you’ll be referring to it time and time again you will have full access to study material in a customized portal linked directly to your secured client area. Your course material is packed with examples, explanations, a glossary and interactive assignments.

Do I have to attend classes?

No. Since the course material and assignments are electronically delivered to you, you decide the pace at which you want to complete your modules. Obviously, every student has a unique life situation with its own commitments and challenges. It’s a good strategy to work out how much free time you have and how much you can reasonably spend on your course.

Can I enrol for training without a LIVE account?

No. The IFX Academy is an exclusive value-added service to IFX Live funded account holders.

Can I purchase printed Training Guides?

Should you want to purchase a printed hard cover set of manuals you can purchase this directly from IFX Academy with your MT4 account number as reference.

What happens if I lose money and have a zero balance in my trading account. Will I still be able to access IFX Academy?

Yes. You will still be able to access IFX Academy for 30 days, thereafter, access will be reinstated immediately if funds reflect on your live account.

Does IFX Academy offer ongoing training?

Yes. The IFX Academy is an interactive portal and new material is constantly added to your advantage.